Friday, April 26, 2013

last day

Today was the last day of class for english. Yay!!! i'm excited and i bet other people are too.I forgot that we had to do grade him and the class but i thought that we had already did that, guess not.Well it's been a good year in Mr.Sweeney's class except for that i didn't really enjoy writing essays,doing debates,and grammar schammar.I wish i was going to be here next year to have him again for 102 but i won't be.This is my last post so goodbye!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

colons and semicolons(grammar schmammar)

Doing blogs

I don't like this whole blog thing at all.I don't even know what to write about.I wonder why Prof Sweeney decided to start doing this.I kinda don't see the point in doing this except that we get to voice our opinion or whatever but still why do we have to do it.I mean doing 10 blogs is not really hard its just keeping up with them.I wonder if he's going to be doing it again next year.He sure did some changes from last semester which changes are good.If i didn't have Prof Sweeney as my english prof then i wouldn't write blogs.Does anybody even write blogs?Maybe it's just me that doesn't like doing blogs.I have one more blog to do then i am done!!!


Prof Sweeney is always trying to get his students to debate or argue on something.First he'll start it off then everybody's jumping in and you can barely hear anybody because people talking.The whole point of the debate is to hear other people's opinion and how are other people suppose to hear if everybody is trying to talk at the same time.Also people shouldn't start judging or point fingers at other people when they are voicing their opinion,because you wouldn't want someone to do that to you.Prof Sweeney really likes it when we debate but he doesn't like it when people are listening to each other and points fingers.We done a couple of debates in class.People be getting in there feelings when the conversation starts to get deep like chill out it's not the serious.

semester ending

Yikes the semester is ending!!This year went by so fast its kinda hard to believe but i'm so happy because i just need a break from school.It's been a tough year from writing papers to doing homework but i did it.It's kind of bittersweet because i won't be here next year but oh well.The semester is ending and i'm now doing my blogs oops but at least i'm getting it done even though we were suppose to being it doing everyday.Well its better late than never.Tomorrow will be my last day in english class and i don't really see the point of going since we already did the evaluation but i guess i will go.Hopefully we won't be in there to long and we can just leave early like we been doing the other class days.

topics for essays

So Prof. Sweeney told us that we as a class had to chose 3 topic to write about.I was thinking that he was just going to give us the topic but no he wanted us to choose.But how were we going to do that if everybody is not going to agree on the same topic.There would always be at least one person who would not agree with everyone else which was so frustrating.So what we did was we tried to convince that one person who didn't agree and let them see why we should write about it.But we also had to compromise,like we would have to give up something.I guess the whole point of us choosing our own topics was for us to hear each other out and compromising with each other.This took us 2 class days to finally pick 3 topics to write about.Never again!!

stop the bullying!!!